1974  born in stuttgart bad-cannstatt

1984 - 91  learned classical clarinet, played in orchestras and ensembles, been on tour in england and israel

                 with „Symphonisches Jugendblasorchester Stuttgart“

1989 - 91  learned tenorsaxophone, leaded schools jazz-band

1989  learned drums from a friend, first contact with electric instruments and synthesizers

1990  learned electric guitar and startet to rock

1991 - 92  played guitar and shoutet for metalbands „TEMPTATION“ and REQUIEM“

1991 - 94  several bandrecordings for local heavy-metal-bands on 8-track-cassette / regular live-mixing of concerts / steady livemixer of some bands

1993  turned over to be a bassplayer, played with ex-“DESTRUCTION“-guitarist Harry

1993  stepped into the grungeband „AMBER STREET“, which was previously recorded and produced by M-FLOW

1994 - 96  major record deal on WEA with „ AMBER STREET “, managed by Andreas „Bär“ Läsker (Fanta4)

1994  4 weeks of studio recording at the legendary „CAN STUDIO“, Weilerswist, working with BECKMANN (RAINBIRDS) and JAKI LIEBEZEIT

1995  release of „AMBER STREET“- album „BROAD VIEW GARDENS“ on WEA / Königshaus

1995  „AMBER STREET“ on support-tour with canadian legend „THE TEA PARTY

1995  first „on his own“ electronic songs, on Atari ST, Cubase 2.0 and some whacky Midi-Stuff

1996 - 99  played bass for legendary blues-guitarist Rainer Haugs „WINDY CITY BLUES BAND“

1997 - 2k  played bass and guitar for new-rock-band „ZEMA4“

1997 - 2k  apprenticeship as a PHOTOGRAPHER for industrie and advertisment at „ULLRICH & Company“

2000  foundation of M-FLOW-RECORDINGS as a studio for electronic music and vocal / instrument recording and mastering

2000 - 02  producer, writer, musician in synth-pop-group KAYTEEKAY with singer Katrin Kary

2003 - 05  producer, writer, musician in soul-pop-group „MARIELUISE“, collaboration with Dieter Falk, Klaus Scharf, Popbüro Stuttgart

2003 - 05  member of „BANDPOOL“, 6th Generation, Pop-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

2003 - 04  live-musician for „NEKTARIOS“, DSDS, TV-Shows and Club-Concerts

2004  winner of „SONGWRITER-PREIS Baden-Württemberg“, Popbüro Stuttgart

2005  played bass for dubsoundsystem TOKYOTOWER


2005  foundation of electro-jazz-group „JAZZEEL“, as a producer, writer and musician

2006  release of first „JAZZEEL“- Album „Cinema“

2006  bass on studio-session for „RUBY SHOCK

2007  mixing of „ich bin der regen“ - tokyotower dubversion - for „2RAUMWOHNUNG“ (released on 36grad Remixe)

2007  soundtrack and sounddesign for stopmotionfilm „KUNST KOMMT VON LOSLASSEN KÖNNEN“ by Michael Schulz / Filmakademie BW

2007 - 08  played bass for electro-pop-groups J5ROME and „MISS POLYESTER“

2007 - 08  played bass for french-beat-band „LES QUITRICHE“

2008  re-release of „Cinema“ by „JAZZEEL“ on the label 7us

2008  produced the album „Changes“ by „ALA HEILER“, ex-chief of „WIND“, known by Grand-Prix-Eurovision `85 & `87

2008  remix of „ENGEL“ by jazz-singer „MONA SUZANN“, released on the album „Monament“

2008 - 09  producer and bassplayer for jazz/pop singer Linda Kyei

2009  „JAZZEEL“ supports new-jazz-legend DePhazz in Ludwigsburg, Sparkassenforum

2009  produced the album „the two of us“ by „JAZZED“

2009  demoproduction with princess Xenia von Sachsen“

2010  stepped into the experimental electronic band „MUSIQUE D‘AMEUBLEMENT“

2010 - now  several releases in electronic music on netlabel KZNROT

2010 - now  engaged in youth-work in the studio of „Jugendhaus Cann“

2010 - now  production of second „JAZZEEL“- album „Airport“

2011 - now  production of new album by „ALA HEILER“, giving new and old „JAZZEEL“- Songs a vocal-version

2011  studio-work for PRAISE THE LOW“ and „ANNA GEMINA“

2012  film-music (with dominik „bix“ wagner) and sounddesign for stopmotionfilm „ONCE THE WORLD WAS FILLED WITH RAISINS“

2012  guitar on studio-session for „ANNA GEMINA“ - Song „holen“

2012 release of second JAZZEEL-Album „Airport